'A steady shift in our media landscape away from stories of blind consumerism to ones of engaged citizenship will allow us to lay the foundations of a far better future' – Jonah Sachs

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About Us

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When Rachel Savage left her 9-5 job to become a freelance copywriter two things started to happen. First, she struggled to find a suitable tone of voice for her clients – one that embraced all their expertise and passion into the written word. And second, a desire to create a business with a purpose planted itself firmly in her heart and wouldn’t go away.

After a bit of soul-searching she discovered an amazing version of brand storytelling that enabled her to do both – she spent the next year or so retraining before finding the courage to make the leap and become a fully-fledged brand story creator. The decision to finally 'go for it' was made the day Hillary lost the US election. Rachel, who was so ill with flu she'd driven her kids to school in her PJs, was on her way home when that quiet voice within simply said:

'It’s time for Brand New Story® – people will get it now.’

The first client Rachel created a Brand New Story® for was a box wine company. That was back in 2015, when the story of box wine wasn’t so great. Within 18 months they had hit the shelves of Waitrose and Harvey Nichols. Not bad, especially when you consider theirs was the first box of wine Harvey Nics had ever sold in over 136 years of trading. 

Now we work with CEOs and business leaders from all sorts of organisations. Mainly within the environment, sustainability and food sectors. Leaders who are concerned about how people see their organisation, its purpose and direction.

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'Working with Brand New Story has proved absolutely fundamental to the success of my business. Our storytelling sessions not only shaped my understanding of why I personally set out on the journey to build my own company, but also why others should be keen to buy into it. Just one of the many tangible outcomes of this process was the brand itself. As well as the consistent compliments we receive for our branding, our big break came in October 2016 when Waitrose and Harvey Nichols began stocking When in Rome in stores across the UK. I firmly believe that without Brand New Story’s help neither of these opportunities would have come to fruition.’

Rob Malin – Co-Founder, When in Rome Wine