'The stories we tell literally make the world. If you want to change the world, you need to change your story.' – Michael Margolis

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About You

I'm guessing you're passionate about what you do. I know I am. In fact, I bet you love nothing more than chatting with people about what you do and when you do you light up with excitement and enthusiasm?

But does your passion burn as brightly in your company's brand and marketing?

  • Hand on heart, does your website and other marketing material authentically reflect who you are and what you do?
  • Do you feel frustrated that your organisation is getting left behind, appears two-dimensional or looks and sounds just like everyone else in your field?
  • Are you struggling to define or convey your purpose?

I’ll let you into a secret. When I started out as a freelance copywriter and wrote my first website I HATED the copy so much that I refused to publish it. It was so DULL and just like all the others. 

Several weeks later, in a moment of inspired desperation… I discovered brand storytelling.

I've never looked back.

Embrace the journey with Dorothy Slippers

Everyone's a storyteller in our eyes 

You're the hero of our story. Being able to help you find your authentic and powerful voice is what makes us leap out of bed in the morning. We love working with enlightened people and organisations with great stories to tell. Even if they don't know it yet. It's hard to find your unique voice using existing marketing tools. But your story is yours alone and we'd love to help you write it.

Maybe you're:

  • someone with a passionate business idea you'd love to bring to life 
  • an established medium size business – struggling to find your authentic tone of voice and/or looking to invest in a new or refreshed brand identity to give you differentiation and an improved bottom line 
  • a third sector organisation (charity, non-profit or social enterprise– doing great work that's too important to keep quiet about but you don't know where or how to improve things
  • an in-house team (marketing, communications etc) – looking to strengthen your tone of voice, become more human and evolve into a digital brand that can make an emotional connection with people.   

Most of our clients are working in:

  • Food & Drink
  • Health, Personal Growth & Wellbeing
  • Environment & Sustainability (including Eco/Green Living & Lifestyle).

Find out more about Your Brand New Story that powerful brand storytelling thing we do that helps our clients to skyrocket their brands.

You can also find out more about what we do or get in touch to chat things through. We'd love to hear from you. 

‘I had a fantastic experience with Your Brand New Story. I run a burlesque dance school and wanted to re-assess my company values, purpose and brand. This approach is knowledgeable, intuitive and wise. Rachel was able to connect with what I do, understand my existing values and customer journey and then take it to a whole new level. I was able to separate myself from the brand and see a whole new way of empowering our customers, far beyond their time with us. This got me present to why we exist as a company and our purpose in the world far beyond just being a business.'

Zoe Charles, The Cheek of It