'Great stories happen to those who can tell them' - Ira Glass

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Breathe life into your business with storytelling

Posted on Jun 03, 2016 by Rachel  | Comments (0)

Tintagel StorytellingWhen the sun shone on last week's Bank Holiday a three-night camping trip to Cornwall with friends morphed into an impromptu week away from it all. Bliss.

But when our friends headed home on Tuesday morning we were left with two cranky boys (aged nine and six) who wanted to join their friends at home.

We needed a distraction. Luckily one came in the form of Tintagel Castle.

Nestled among the rugged cliffs of the county's Northern coast, its ancient ruins are steeped in the Legend of King Arthur.

Pull the Uther One

Once inside its ruined walls, we soaked in our surroundings and 'ooh'd' and 'aahh'd' at the vertigo-inducing views. After a picnic lunch we gathered for some good old-fashioned storytelling.

Our narrator, Florence Nightingale Richards, was one-time keeper of the castle keys in Victorian times. She was joined on the grassy stage by her trusty sidekick Peterkin (both pictured).

For the next half hour, they – and willing volunteers from the audience – shared Tintagel’s oldest myth with us.

It's finale was a hilarious re-enactment of the birth of King Arthur. I'll never forget the look on my youngest son’s face. Wide-eyed, he was giggling non-stop. Absolutely engrossed and entertained he LOVED it.

Watching the story unfold brought Tintagel to life for him.

We're never too old for stories

Stories are the magical glue that connects us to people, places and the world around us.

But they're not just for kids. More and more businesses are waking up to the power of storytelling. Storytelling can breathe life into what you do and connect you with existing and potential customers on far deeper levels than traditional marketing alone. 

Does your website or marketing material feel dull? Do you struggle to produce copy that truly reflects who you are and what you do? Have you considered storytelling?

Our Inside Story course helps businesses of all sizes to create their brand identity within the context of a story. 

There's still some spaces left on this months' course – find out more.




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