“Working on the level of story has two dimensions. First is to disrupt the old, which says, ‘What you thought was real is just an illusion.’ Second is to offer a new, which says, ‘The possible, and the real, are much grander than you knew.” – Charles Eisenstein,

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How To Unwrap Your Brand Gift

Posted on Sep 20, 2017 by Rachel  | Comments (0)


The Best Gift Is You

At it’s heart, every business is founded to serve. Either with a product to sell or a service for hire. I’ve always loved working with purpose-led businesses. But the truth is, every business has a ‘higher’ purpose if you know where to look.

You just need to find your Why, your Purpose and your Brand Gift...

Start With 'Why'

If you run your own business you're in the lucky position of having a platform for your 'why'.

I found mine in Gloucester Services a few months ago. I was there for a 121 with the leader of my new Bristol networking group (We Mean Biz). Straight off she asked me: 'So Rach, what's your why?'

If no-one has asked you this yet – and you’ve no idea what I’m talking about – watch this clip from Simon Sinek’s ground-breaking TED Talk. You’ll get the idea. 

I'll be honest, I thought I already knew my ‘why’. But her asking it gave it new gravitas. ‘Let it bubble up,’ she said. And it did. Bursting forth from my subconscious in one enormous, snot-inducing sob.

In public.

I barely managed the get the words out: 'To give the feminine a voice in business.'

It shocked me at first. Where did that come from. But in the months since I've really started to own it. You see, the feminine exists in all of us. It nourishes and protects. And it plays out in my business as our purpose. 

Find Your Purpose

Once your purpose is on board things get really exciting. Your purpose should get you all fired up and itching to get on with the job. It usually involves changing or improving an existing 'big picture story' you're involved with.

Here's ours as an example...

Brand New Story exists to change the existing story of ‘business as usual’ from one of corporate greed, inequality and environmental destruction to a 'brand new story' that is service to business, people and planet, equality, empathy, responsibility and… well, love.

Discover Your Brand Gift

Once you have your purpose. You're ready to unwrap your brand gift. Align this with your purpose and it's a world changer. 

This is one of the most exciting parts of the brand storytelling process I do with my clients. As an example, Brand New Story's brand gift (the first of many we hope) seeks to repair the devastating deforestation caused by the existing story of business as usual.

To do this, we've partnered with an amazing new charity called The Word Forest Organisation who are  now working with us to plant a tree for every person who completes Your Brand New Story with us. But more about that next week. 

Go Beyond Business As Usual

As a business owner, one of your superpowers is being able to make a difference in the world. Your business has a gift, something for the world, that goes beyond business as usual. Everyone has something (or many things) they care about. For me it's the environment and reforestation.

What do you care about? 

What's your brand story? Want to know more? Why not attend our taster session: ‘Brand Storytelling – The World Needs Your Story’ in partnership with Brand51 on Thursday October 12 at Riverstation in Bristol. Visit Eventbrite for more info.



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