'Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world' - Roald Dahl

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The World Needs Your Story

Posted on Nov 07, 2017 by Rachel  | Comments (0)

Fire juggler

I met my business twin yesterday. He's a brand storyteller in Australia. Doing in Oz, pretty much what I’m doing here in the UK.

Like me, he helps business owners to harnesses the power of brand storytelling and create purposeful brands that speak (and act) from the heart. It’s a pretty niche skill and some days I question my sanity for doing it, despite my biggest client hitting Waitrose’s shelves in only his second year of trading last week.

Yesterday was one of those days.

My business twin and I chatted a little (on LinkedIn) but it was only when he said: ‘There is an awakening of consciousness’ in reply to one of my questions that the dark clouds of the day started to lift.

It reminded me why I am doing this.

Creating change from within

Many moons ago, while working for The Big Issue (South West) I interviewed one of my fave comedians of the day, Mark Thomas. We discussed many things. But his answer that stuck with me was in reply to a question about Bill Hicks. I asked Thomas what he thought of Hicks, an American comedian (comedian’s comedian in fact) who chainsmoked and swore like a trouper, pulling at the fabric of politics and vacuous corporate America misdemeanour by misdemeanour, until his untimely death from cancer in 1994.

Now, we all love a rebel. But Thomas’ reply took me aback. He said something like: ‘I really like Bill. But he’s too much the outsider. If you really want to change a system it’s far more powerful to do so from the inside… that’s why I write for The Daily Mail snigger' (he did).

Beyond business as usual

I set up Brand New Story as an inside job. To transform the existing story of ‘business as usual’ from one of corporate greed, environmental destruction and inequality to a ‘Brand New Story’ filled with passion and purpose, empathy, prosperity and well… love.

(Shhhhh… it’s actually also about giving the feminine a voice in business).

Humanity is evolving. The oil age is coming to an end and something new must replace it. Maybe it's the digital age, maybe it's something else. But both we and our businesses must evolve or die. 

The power of story

Society has always been moulded around stories of the day, right back to the ancient myths of Greece and Rome. But how well do you think George’s Orwell’s 1984 is working out for us? Take a look at Korea and Iran and tell me you wish HG Wells hadn’t conjured up the Atomic bomb in A World Set Free back in 1914.

Yes, the existing story of business as usual must transform. There is an awakening of consciousness. Life beyond the oil age lies just as much in your hands as anyone else’s. Your business and its story has the power to create a better world.

But do you have the courage to write it and be part of the global shift in consciousness as it unfolds?

What better day to create a heart-centred business with a purpose is there than Valentine’s Day? Rachel will be running a two-hour introduction to purposeful brand storytelling in Bristol on Wednesday 14 February 2018 in partnership with the We Mean Biz network. Visit their website for details

If you can’t wait until then, free to get in touch for a chat.





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