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How we made box wine cool

Posted on Nov 20, 2017 by Rachel  | Comments (0)

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In just 18 months, When in Rome went from an idea being bounced across Rob Malin’s kitchen table to the shelves of over 220 Waitrose stores across the UK and Harvey Nichols. No mean feat. Especially when you consider the latter has never ever (ever, ever) sold a single box of wine in over 136 years of trading.

‘I don't think any of us expected it to go so far, so fast and we'd certainly not have achieved this without Rachel and Brand New Story,’ says Rob Malin the company's co-founder.

Rachel first met Rob in July 2015 when they gathered around his kitchen table. Rob was on paternity leave, following the birth of his son. Back then, When in Rome was a pre-sales start-up, with a concept – premium wine from Italy in a box – but no name or story.

‘Frankly, I was fairly skeptical of brand storytelling,' says Rob. ‘I was convinced that an obviously Italian name for the brand – like La Bottega del Vino – was the best way of expressing our authenticity and passion for Italy.’

We had other ideas. Mainly because, during the two or three days before the meeting, the name When in Rome had popped into Rachel's head and just wouldn’t go away. Rob took a little persuading. But over the course of their chat When in Rome was born. Leaving two new babies in the Malin household.

A week or so later Rob started his Create Your Story Workshop on a 121 basis. Over three sessions we helped him to harness the power of storytelling to create not only a story for When in Rome but the foundations of the brand too.

‘You helped me delve deep into my psyche and understand my why and my business' raison d'etre,' recalls Rob. ‘In my case, a desire to kick start a box wine revolution here in the UK – to make wine drinking more sustainable – and to share my love for great tasting craft wine from small producers across Italy.' 

Once the brand story was complete, we introduced Rob to one of our designers who helped him to translate it into the When in Rome identity. We also provided copywriting for the website, packaging (wine boxes), customer communications, monthly subscription service (called The Glitterati) and taste cards. 

‘As well as the consistent compliments we receive for our brand and branding, our big break came in October 2016 when Waitrose and Harvey Nichols began stocking When in Rome in stores across the UK,’ says Rob. ‘And I firmly believe that without your help neither of these opportunities would have come to fruition.’

When in Rome wasn't built in a day. More like two. If you’d like to find out more about how Brand New Story could help you and your business please call Rachel Savage on 07971 188657.

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