'For International Women's Day, we are taking aim at the gender pay gap the only way we know how. With beer'

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Is your brand a feminist?

Posted on Mar 07, 2018 by Rachel  | Comments (0)

Brewdog Pink IPA

In a week that's seen craft ale company Brewdog slammed for releasing its tongue-in-cheek Pink IPA 'their Punk IPA for women’ and selling it 20% cheaper (oh and donating profits for the next four weeks to the Women's Engineering Society) to highlight the gender pay gap, some experts predict another 200 years are expected to whoosh by before the gap is finally closed.

It seems that declaring yourself as a feminist brand in a humorous way is somehow disallowed. Even if it's signed off by your female head of marketing. That's a big shame. Don't we need all the feminist brands we can get these days? And by these days I mean today, International Women's Day 2018. 

'Second class citizens'

Many moons ago, I lived in a teeny-weeny flat, three flights up, in a hip part of Bristol. Back then I was working in a record store, trip-hop beats were peaking globally and I was eating and sleeping (actually, mainly drinking and not sleeping) above a well-respected house DJ, who happened to be going through the gender realignment process.  

One day, as we were sat on her plush red velvet sofa having a natter she looked me straight in the eye and said: ‘You have no idea, Rach. Women today think they have equal rights [back then we kinda thought we did]. They don’t. Women today live as f***ing second class citizens and you don’t even know it.’

Only someone in her position, who had experienced life as both genders, could have given me the gift of such incredible insight.

Her words have stayed with me ever since.

The story of ‘business as usual’ 

Much of the planet's inequality begins and ends in the business world. I've come across plenty of 'oppressive' bosses over the years. From manager's who have taken credit for my work, to others who have moaned at me for being pregnant and other's who have squished my creativity until there's nothing left. It's no wonder I'm self employed. Yes, the gender pay gap isn't the only part of the equality story that needs to change – and much quicker than the two centuries currently predicted.

I founded Brand New Story as an antidote to the existing story of ‘business as usual’. That centuries old tale of corporate greed, environmental destruction and inequality.

At it’s core, Brand New Story is about giving the feminine a voice in business. It’s something I’ve always kept quiet about. But it feels right to say it today. 

Yes, the world needs more proudly feminist brands. Brands with stories that are created and told by both male and female business owners. Only then will the existing story of 'business as usual' transform to a new story of gender equality, many other brilliant things and, well… love.

And, if I wasn't on a ridiculously strict, no-alcohol, anti-candida eating plan I'd head to the shop and grab myself a bottle or two of Pink IPA this evening and toast that brand new story. Along with International Women's Day of course.

Rachel will be offering the Your Brand New Story process to small groups of business owners at a time in Bristol from May. If you're interested and would like to know how your brand story could help skyrocket your brand and make a difference, please get in touch. Spaces will be limited.

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