'How do we change the world? Change the Story' - Charles Eisenstein

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It's Time You Told The Full Story

Posted on Oct 31, 2019 by Rachel  | Comments (0)

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Do these times feel like the moment in history your organisation was created for? You just know you’re a small (yet important) cog in a colossal story of change that's needed to restore and heal this beautiful planet we call home? But you keep tying yourself up in knots when it comes to defining your story? A story that connects you with the world and is way too important to mess up.  

Greta, Blue Planet, Extinction Rebellion and multiple climate emergency declarations: at long last the truth about climate change is being given the bandwidth it deserves. A hidden narrative that has long been suppressed and ignored by the media and those in power. 

And the simple truth is... your organisation has an important role to play in responding to the unfolding emergency and both your story and your purpose play a vital part. And the longer you sit back and do nothing the more likely your competitors will take that on and gain an edge. 

It's time to evolve or die – and creating a Brand New Story® is a good way to start evolving.

What's Your Story?

Look at the world around you. Society is made up of millions of stories. We’re living, breathing and telling them all the time. Stories are how we as a species connect with one another and make sense of the world. Making the shift to a net zero carbon society means transforming some of society’s biggest stories around energy use, the way we get from A to B and the food we eat – and all those micro stories in between. It's something we must all do. Together. 

Right now, do you know what your story is? Are you good at telling it in a way that connects you with people on an emotional level? Do your colleagues tell the same story as you? What about your leadership team? Do they tell the same story or does it differ according to who's speaking? And, more importantly, do you know what could be at stake – for you and your organisation - if you don’t get to know your story?

We meet so many people who tie themselves up in knots when it comes to defining define their story. Mainly because they're completely absorbed in trying to 'tell their story' from the perspective of it being all about them. But that's only half the story (no pun intended). Your actual story (we call this your Brand New Story®) is a purpose-led narrative between you AND your customers and in order to create it you have to learn how to step out of your shoes and into theirs. When you make the powerful decision to create your Brand New Story® that's when the magic starts to happen. Brand-wise it'll be far more intimate and meaningful than anything you have created before. Because this digital age, with its personal devices that go everywhere with us, lends itself to far more intimate communication than ever before.

That's WHY you're struggling to tell your story. 

The process of creating a Brand New Story® is just as powerful as the end results. Giving leadership teams the time, space and courage they need to connect and align with one another, as well as creating a powerful story that emotionally connects them with the rest of the people in their organisation and their customers in a whole new way. You'll also become part of a movement to evolve the existing story of 'business as usual' – from one of corporate greed, environmental destruction and inequality - to a Brand New Story® that supports the global shift towards a thriving zero carbon society for business, people and planet... in time for 2030 and beyond.

So what are you waiting for... The World Needs Your Story!

Brand New Story® has just three storytelling slots available for Spring 2020. If you’d like to find out what's involved in creating a Brand New Story for your organisation book a FREE discovery session with Rachel. Simply get in touch or call her on 07971 188657.  

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