'People hear you on the level you speak to them from. Speak from your heart and they will hear from theirs' – Marianne Williamson

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What is a Brand New Story?

Brand New Story script

This is what a Brand New Story® looks like. It looks and reads just like a film script.

You know how when a movie is being made, everyone involved in making it reads the script first? The director, producers, cast, crew… everyone? It's the same with a Brand New Story®. It is a working document that acts as the guide and inspiration for everyone in your organisation who is responsible for bringing it to life (i.e. everyone).

Your Brand New Story® is the heart and soul of your organisation. It runs through everything you do. It not only tells your story, it also contains your values, purpose, unique brand identity, tone of voice, key messages and vision.

The benefits of having a Brand New Story®

Who founded your company, who you are and what you do is just a small part of your story. Your Brand New Story® widens this out to a narrative that includes you, your people and your customers. 

Creating your Brand New Story® will help you to:

  • Define your common purpose: that will unite, inspire and motivate everyone in your organisation
  • Create a more human brand identity that enjoys an emotional connection with people
  • Establish who you are, what you offer, to whom and why
  • Drop the BS (business speak)
  • Place your target audience(s) – both internal and external communications – at the heart of your story and its communications
  • Embody a clear and consistent tone of voice for all your marketing and communications
  • Produce key messages that will make your internal and external customers feel as though they were written just for them
  • Be different.
Two people looking at archetype cards

What's involved?

The entire Brand New Story® process usually lasts four weeks, end-to-end. This involves four in-house / face-to-face sessions, for example:

Week One - Session One and Two (3 x hours each, with 48-hours between sessions)
Week Two - Session Three (3 x hour session)
Week Three - No Session - we collate all of your work into your draft Brand New Story manuscript  
Week Four - Session Four Script Tableread  (3 hour session)

You will receive the final version of your Brand New Story® a week or so after Session Four. These are the optimum timings, designed to give the creative process time to unfold and achieve its most potent results.

Book a FREE 60-minute Brand New Story® Discovery Session

If you would like to find out how having a Brand New Story® could transform your organisation, please get in touch for a free 60-minute session with Rachel. 


'I had a mountain of information swimming around my head that needed distilling. I found the storytelling process both inspiring and cathartic. It reinforced the aspects of my business and our product that are important to me and eliminated some of the doubts I had around launching a new venture. Creating our Brand New Story was like crafting a fine scotch – removing the impurities and accentuating the flavours we value. It has crystalised everything I had in my head but hadn't been able to get down on paper. Having my story will give me many different ways and opportunities to spout about the 'why' of what I'm doing.’

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